Stucco and Masonry Products

stucco-hilltopsupplyAt Hilltop Block & Supply we carry the complete line of Quaker Stucco Products.  Quaker Stucco is a factory precision blend of Portland cement (ASTM C150) silica sand, hydrated lime (ASTM C206), oxide pigments (ASTM D50) and additives for shrinkage control and color uniformity.

Quaker Stucco is a high quality finish coat stucco that has 70 years of manufacturing experience behind its production.  Quaker Stucco is an economical alternative to other finishes or facades such as siding, brick, and stone.

All natural and low maintenance – Green Building Material
Commercial & Residential construction
Replaces stone, brick and siding
Rehabilitation of existing structures
May be finished in a variety of textures

  • Autoclaved Finish Lime
  • Diamond Finish/Excalibur Finish
  • Bead
  • Flash
  • Galvanized Concrete Nails
  • Galvanized Wire Lathes
  • Gauging Plaster
  • Grade D and Regular Tar Papers
  • Quaker Brand Stucco (Stocking Distributor)
  • Rain Screen Drainage Plane
  • Sealers and Stucco Decorative Paints
  • USG Structolite
  • Traditional Stucco Beads
  • Vinyl Flashing
  • Weep Scree
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