Stone Age Fireplaces

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Stone Fire – is an all masonry fireplace that comes assembled with several choices of natural thin stone veneer on the exterior making it durable in all climates. Stone Fire is easy to move and can be installed on a minimal foundation or existing patio. Once the unit is set in place it is ready to burn.

3 Stone Blend

Palimino Thin Stone

Geneva Thin Stone

Concharty Thin Stone

Stone Age Brick Ovens are yet another choice designed to enhance your cooking lifestyle.  Brick Ovens date back to the very beginning of cooking and are still used widely in countries like Italy today.


Stone Age Pizza Ovens offer another choice to suit your outdoor lifestyle. These kits are available to add warmth and functionality to any patio design. Enjoy one of the most reasonable additions available for your home today.  These stand-alone pizza ovens can be integrated into outdoor kitchen design or featured as the backyard centerpiece. The gourmet elegance of a backyard pizza oven offers many possibilities for entertaining. These versatile ovens offer a full-service approach for just about any outdoor gathering.



Stone Age Outdoor Kitchens – The Cabinet Component Systems feature a patent pending design that allows you to assemble the shell in minutes – not hours or days. Accepts any brand of appliance and its all masonry exterior can withstand any climate and be finished to your specifications.

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Fire Pits – Stone Age Fireplaces produces both round and square fire pit models composed of high-temperature concrete and aggregate. The specially engineered construction materials lend themselves to endless levels of customization.  The fire pit can be seamlessly integrated into any existing or theorized outdoor living space, with anything from natural thin veneer stone, full veneer stone, or fabricated stone to brick, stucco or any other concrete adherent.


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