Contractor Supplies

Masonry Contractor, Building, and Landscape/Hardscape Supplies

For over 60 years Hilltop Supply has services the regions’ General Contractors, Contractors, Hardscaping and Landscaping professionals.  We carry a full line of all masonry, brick, block and stone materials required for any job.  We are professional and provide excellent service.  This is a partial list of the products we carry:

Hardscaping Supplies
Fabric – (non woven & woven)
Paver Edging – (plastic)
Drainage Pipe – (ADS)
Polymeric Products – (sand & dust)
Paver & Wall Lighting
Paver Cleaners & Sealers
Hardscaping Tools

Masonry Products
CMU Products – (cinder block)
Brick – (clay & fire)
Flue Liners
Concrete Lintels
Tools – (masonry, stucco & road)
Angle Iron
Wire Mesh – (rolls & sheets)
Expansion Joint – (fiber & foam)
Foundation Coating
Masonry – (nails, screws, anchor bolts)
(rebar chairs, wire ties & dur-o-wall)
Precast Products (airpads, parking bumpers & steps)
Sump Pumps & Pits
Poly Sheeting

Aggregrate Material
3/4 Stone – (clean, modified & red)
DGA – (crushed concrete)
Screenings – (stone dust)
River Rock 1″ – 3″
Cold Patch – (bagged)

Sand Products
Concrete Sand
Bar Sand – (yellow, white)
Mason Sand – (white)

Bagged Cement & Lime
Portland – (I, II, III, white & waterproof)
Mortar – (N, M, S & colored)
SpecMix – Mortar & Grout Mix
Sakrete Mortar Mix
Sakrete Concrete Mix – (fast set & 5000)

Additives & Chemicals
Rainbow Cement Colors
Bonding Agents
Emhydro & Mortar Accelerators
Muriatic Acid
Silicone & Sealers

Stucco Products
Quaker Products
Thoro Stucco Products
Galvanized Lath – (flat & self-furring)
Corner Bead – (galvanized & vinyl)
Expansion Joint – (galvanized & vinyl)
Vinyl Weep Screed
Window Tape & Film
Tyvec Stucco Wrap & Tape
Tar Paper – (standard & heavy)
Fiber Mesh
Stub Nails & Staples

Deicer Products
Rock Salt – (bags & bulk)
Calcium Chloride – (pellets)
Magnesium Pellets

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