Hilltopblock CST Pavers

Hilltop Block, Blackwood, NJ is an exclusive distributor of CST pavers. When it comes to making a quality selection, CST Pavers is among the most durable companies today. With products such as Versa-Lok® Wall Systems and their full line of pavers, CST is dedicated to creating products that matter to the homeowner.

CST’s solid paver with color throughout – not just on the surface. CST mixes the concrete and colors together to create their signature one-piece product which allows all of their paving stones to have the same color and consistency while retaining the original beauty of the stone for a long time.

VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems are cost-effective, easy-to-install, and give you endless design options.VERSA-LOK segmental retaining walls are made from high-strength concrete units, dry-stacked, interlocked with pins, and set on granular leveling pads. VERSA-LOK delivers your best value in segmental retaining wall solutions. Here are just a few of the options available using CST: